Bondi rescue lifeguard supports water safety week

Water safety week is part of a new quarterly program at JUMP! Swim Schools, where water safety is taught side-by-side with swimming skills.

Water Safety Week sees regular lessons that week converted into safety-focused activity sessions that address core skills and knowledge that kids require if they do get into trouble in the water. The program gives kids a sense of what it feels like to fall into the water and swim fully clothed and get them comfortable being in the water without goggles.

It’s critical to have core swimming skills that allow children to stay afloat and get themselves into a safe position – but falling into the water and having the confidence to handle the situation is much different to an organised swimming lesson environment.

At JUMP! we want to ensure kids have swimming skills but also the coping mechanisms, familiarity and key responses needed should they ever find themselves in a dangerous situation in the water.

Bondi Rescue lifeguard Juliana King, a mum herself, said when enjoying water out and about it was important to be aware of your environment, know your swimming abilities and swim at a lifeguard patrolled beach or pool.

“It is so common to arrive at the beach and simply set up your space where it’s most convenient for you and jump in the water there. My advice is – look for the flagged swimming area, and before you jump in STOP and observe conditions for yourself. Let’s make reading the ocean normal practice for everyone.”

“Also, as basic as this seems; when around the water, it’s so important for parents to verbally communicate who is watching the kids. Never assume someone is. Always speak out loud about who is watching so you’re both aware and accountable – don’t make assumptions.”

Juliana said she often sees lost little ones around the water, which is a drowning risk in itself.

“It’s a great practice to teach your kids about landmarks so they can find you if they get lost, whether you’re at the beach, the pool, the river – anywhere near water. Pick a tree, a building, a stair entry, sign or some other landmark that can’t move. Create a meeting point if you get separated from one another.”

“And always remember to watch your kids around the water, not your phones.”

Enrolling your child in our swimming program will give them the skills they need to be water-safe, for life!

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