Top 4 Kids’ Franchises in Australia for 2023

With life returning to regular rhythms, people are eager to start being active again. That’s especially true for families with kids. Parents want to make up for lost time and see their kids engaging in healthy exercise and socialising. And of course, kids are always looking for new and exciting experiences where they can tire themselves out with friends. Now, more than ever, parents want their kids to have entertainment options that are safe, healthy, adventurous, and memorable.

In other words, now is the best time to be a provider of those entertainment options! Owning a kids’ franchise right now virtually guarantees profits and satisfied customers if everything is run smoothly and cleverly. And with so many franchises looking to expand, you’ll find no shortage of help. Plenty of franchises like Ninja Parc and Jump! Swim Schools are eager to help new franchisees with everything from location scouting to payroll management to branding.

So, the question becomes less about whether or not to own a kids’ franchise and more about which one you should own. Well, we can help answer that. Below are the best franchises to go for in 2022.

The Swim Franchise

It makes perfect sense, really. Learning to swim provides kids with a balance of safety, fun, socialising, and education. Parents love it, and kids look forward to it all week! A good learn to swim franchise will offer multiple programs for varying goals and ages, involve great membership benefits, work well with schools, and offer opportunities for parents to get involved and bond with their little ones.

JUMP! Swim Schools happen to exactly that and more. Their mix of courses means that kids can learn with them and refine their swimming for months, having fun all the while. Kids can also come into the program at any level and integrate seamlessly. For younger children, classes have the option for parents to participate and spend time with their little ones, too. Classes cover everything from stroke technique to breathing control to water safety to building strength and endurance. Owning a JUMP! facility is a lucrative opportunity best not missed. 

The New Kind of Gym

Regular gyms are dull. They’re good enough for most of us, sure, but they’re not exciting. That means they’re worthless to a kid. For kids, you need something adventurous, creative, and engaging. The perfect kids’ gym franchise would be one that lets kids feel like the daring, agile heroes in their stories.

That’s why Ninja Parc has the success that it does! With dozens of obstacles at every location and seasoned instructors making sure everything is safe, Ninja Parc allows kids to harmlessly fulfil the dream of being a ninja. The ninja warrior style workouts help kids with critical thinking, endurance, coordination, strength, and reflexes, all while being incredibly fun. Older kids and adults can even learn parkour from qualified instructors!

The Party Place

Ninja Parc also happens to be an ideal kids’ party franchise. Each location is fully suited to offering the party experience, with entire obstacle courses and play areas available for hire. People can also trust our skilled chaperones and organisers to make sure the kids are always safe and entertained.

While parties are not a source of regulars, they definitely rake in regular business. Parents who bring their child to a friend’s birthday party and see how well it goes will want to hire the same venue. Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and it spreads fast!

The Sports Franchise

Thanks to its parkour courses, Ninja Parc also does a fantastic job as a kids’ sports franchise. While younger kids have their team building activities and obstacle courses, the older kids and teenagers have parkour as an option, which trains the whole body and enhances reflexes and quick thinking.

In fact, Ninja Parc is such a great fitness option that many schools will arrange for PE programs with them for their students. You’re guaranteed to see returns thanks to that.