Why choose JUMP!?2024-02-06T09:46:19+11:00

Why choose JUMP!?

At JUMP!, we have created a better way of teaching babies and young children to swim.

Here are 8 GREAT reasons to choose JUMP!

  • Our learn-to-swim classes are deliberately small so each child receives the personal attention they deserve.

  • Unlike big swim centres, our swim schools are calm and quiet, creating the perfect learning environment for babies and children.

  • Our unique swim program gets kids swimming independently, sooner.

  • Our pools are heated to 32 degrees year-round, ensuring comfort for all ages.

  • Our facilities are squeaky-clean and hygienic.

  • We have custom-built child-friendly facilities that are clean and colourful, with fun sea-life murals, hot showers, and nappy change stations with nappies and wipes. Everything is designed with young kids and their parents in mind.

  • We welcome the whole family into our world – the exhausted new mums, the nervous dads, the first-time grandparents. We don’t care if your English isn’t great, or if you can’t swim yourself. We don’t care what you’re wearing, or if you don’t know our songs.

  • We know when it comes to mastering new skills, consistency is key. That’s why our programs run for 50 weeks a year, including school holidays!

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Small classes

We keep our classes deliberately small to ensure each child gets the individual attention that is critical to their development.

Having your child learn away from crowds allows them to focus on their lesson with minimal distractions.

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Boutique facilities

Our swim schools are purpose-built with babies and children in mind.

Our facilities include numerous baby change tables with free baby products, a play centre and full amenities.

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Warm water

Kids love the colourful sea-life murals that adorn our walls and can't wait to JUMP! in to our warm 32-33 degree water.

Kids love the colourful sea-life murals that adorn our walls and can’t wait to JUMP! in to our warm 32-33 degree water.

What are the advantages of becoming a JUMP! Swim School franchisee? Can’t I just do it myself?2024-04-09T15:08:25+10:00

Becoming a JUMP! Swim Schools franchisee offers several advantages, including:

  • Established brand: Franchisees can benefit from the established brand recognition and reputation of JUMP! Swim Schools.
  • Support and guidance: JUMP! Swim Schools offers training and ongoing support to help franchisees operate their businesses effectively.
  • Access to resources: Franchisees can access resources such as marketing materials, operational systems, and purchasing power that may not be available to independent businesses.
  • Reduced risk: Franchisees can benefit from JUMP! Swim Schools‘ experience and expertise, which can help to reduce the risk of failure.
What does a JUMP! Swim School look like?2023-12-05T13:13:37+11:00

The ideal JUMP! swim school is a 250 – 400m2 footprint, allowing for an above ground pool. It also allows the ability for parents to have ample baby-change facilities, along with plenty of space to change and shower both themselves and their children. This creates a unique selling point over competitors who do not have these family friendly facilities.

Our equipment range provides the ability for people of all ages and skill levels to learn to swim in a fun environment. It is selected specifically to meet Australian safety standards.

image - JUMP! Swim Schools
image 1 - JUMP! Swim Schools
What is the process from enquiry to opening?2023-12-05T13:14:14+11:00

Steps to owning a JUMP! Swim School:

  1. Initial Discovery Call – A call with the team to answer a few questions and see if Jump might be a suitable fit.
  2. Confidentiality Agreement – Complete and receive our franchise information pack.
  3. Deeper Dive – Video call interview, discuss the business model and how we can succeed together.
  4. Application – Complete the franchise qualification form.
  5. Jump CEO Meet – Final interview with the CEO to approve your application.
  6. Territory Deposit – $7,500 deposit to reserve your preferred territory for 30days whilst we work through agreements.
  7. 14 day Disclosure – Once we receive your company information, we can send over your franchise agreements/disclosure documents. This 14-days is so that you can read through the agreements, ask questions and receive advice. This is required under the franchise code of conduct so we cannot speed up this timeline.
  8. Secure Territory – After the 14 days are completed, we send out your final agreement copy via docusign for completion. Once signed you are officially part of the Jump Family! Property- Property team are now your main contact point and work with you to find a suitable location to lease.
  9. Project Kick-Off – Once a lease is signed, the project management teamwork with you on all elements including build management and your official onboarding training to bring your dream to life.
  10. Presale – Marketing develop a presale plan to open with a minimum goal of 250 enrolments by open day.
  11. Open Day! Celebrate, this is day one in your new lifestyle and running your business. Our team will be here cheering you on and working with you moving forward so we can help you be as successful as possible.
What type of support do I receive?2023-12-05T13:14:11+11:00

From sourcing the property to allocating a project team to help in the launch of your swim school, we work to ensure every new JUMP! swim school receives the very best start for success.

We want every franchisee to enjoy their business and the new lifestyle it brings, so we support you to ensure you are free to focus on your business and passion.

Project Management
o We will guide you throughout the entire process of setting up your business from the build and fit out to the implementation of systems and back of house operations setup

Property Team
o Our property team offers assistance in securing a site, negotiating rental conditions and will work with you to submit council applications

o All new franchisees receive an end-to-end marketing and communications plan to introduce your JUMP! swim school to the community, and to ensure the word is out for income streams to be operating by your opening day. On opening, franchisees receive marketing and communications support through a national strategy, using traditional and digital media. Marketing materials are also made available to assist franchisees in local area marketing initiatives. We streamline the process via a centralised platform to ensure efficiency and that your swim school’s marketing assets uphold the professionalism of the JUMP! Swim Schools brand

Pre-Sales Support
o We will implement pre-sales strategies and guide you along the way to ensure a successful launch of your new business alongside strong community and brand awareness

Area Manager and Operations
o To create unrivalled customer satisfaction in your JUMP! Swim School, your team will receive comprehensive training. Covering everything from programs and classes to database and CRM management, our training is designed to give your business the best possible start. Through our ongoing support program, you gain the knowledge and tools to continue this training yourself.

o We will manage competitive supply agreements for utilities, telecommunications, cleaning, retail, repair and maintenance needs

Information Technology
o We have a dedicated team of engineers who deliver IT maintenance, cloud hosting, website monitoring, virtual host management backups, DR, SQL maintenance and support to our facilities nationally

o Through online systems we will assist you in managing incident reporting, WHS auditing, staff inductions and WHS training.

How old does my child have to be to start swimming lessons?2022-02-14T11:52:50+11:00

We take children from the age of 3 months. You are more than welcome to put your little one on the waiting list for your chosen swim school until they reach 3 months. That way you will be more likely to receive your day and time of choice.

How often should my child attend swimming lessons to get the best progress?2022-02-14T11:54:05+11:00

We recommend most students attend two swimming lessons per week. Skill development requires regular practice and two swimming lessons per week is a good start to get the most out of the program.

Why do swimming classes run through school holidays?2016-10-18T02:40:41+11:00

Swimming is a skill like writing and reading that needs regular practice. Continuing lessons through the school holidays ensures your child’s skill level and confidence is not forgotten.

Do you use floatation devices in your lessons?2016-10-18T02:43:27+11:00

No.  At JUMP! Swim Schools, we provide a learning environment without the use of flotation devices to ensure your child develops mobility and buoyancy independently.

Will we have the same swimming teacher each week?2019-02-26T06:43:13+11:00

Yes – our philosophy is to have the same teacher each week as this is the best for your child’s learning. We encourage you to attend your normal lesson to ensure consistency as make-up lessons may be with a different teacher.  Whilst we do endeavour to maintain the same teacher, the reality is that there are also times when teachers do change.  We work hard to ensure that the delivery of our lessons are consistent and aligned with the Jump program, so the learning to your child is not compromised in these instances.

What are the benefits to doing swimming lessons twice a week? 2017-05-15T21:59:54+10:00

It increases your child’s confidence and will assist with swimming and skill progression.

Are your pools heated?2017-05-15T21:59:54+10:00

Yes. Our pools are heated to 32-33 degrees year-round to provide a comfortable learning environment for all ages.

Do you offer discounts on multiple children?2018-07-25T01:21:37+10:00

Yes, we offer a 10% discount on the 3rd child onwards.

Do you have shower facilities?2016-10-18T02:53:16+11:00

Yes. We have family-friendly shower and change facilities at every JUMP! Swim School.

Is the pool salt water or chlorinated?2016-10-18T02:56:03+11:00

Our pools are chlorinated to provide your child with the optimal hygienic environment.

How long do lessons go for?2016-10-18T02:35:42+11:00

30 minutes on a weekly or twice-weekly basis.

How many children are in the class?2016-10-18T02:36:14+11:00

Up to 4 in our skills-based levels from 3 and up, and up to 6 in our baby classes.

Will I need to get in the water with my child?2016-10-18T02:21:43+11:00

In parent and child levels, a parent is required in the water. We are leveraging off the trust built with a parent/relative to help them through initial stages of conditioning and confidence. We also recommend that you wear a top that can be easily held by your child.

How often is my child assessed?2016-10-18T02:41:31+11:00

Every lesson. We celebrate every achievement in the pool. Each time your child reaches a milestone, they are awarded a special achievement certificate.

Can both parents be in the class?2016-10-18T02:44:11+11:00

Unfortunately, no. But you can take it in turns! Our small intimate pools are built to give your child the optimal learning experience free of distraction.

My child does not require a parent in the class but can I still hop in the water with them?2016-10-18T02:32:00+11:00

Unfortunately, no. The independent swimming program with only the teacher and child in water focuses on developing specific skills and techniques that enable your child to propel through the water independently.

Can we have a look at your lessons before we enrol?2016-10-18T02:33:41+11:00

Yes, you can call to make a time to visit and observe a lesson. Most of our swim schools also  offer Free Trials – to find out if a Free Trial is available, visit our Free Trial page on this website and submit an enquiry.

Do we run on school terms?2016-10-18T02:38:04+11:00

Our twelve-week terms run from the date of your first lesson. We only close on public holidays and over two weeks at Christmas, pending owner discretion.

What are my payment options for swimming lessons?2020-10-16T00:45:54+11:00

Our main payment method is monthly by direct debit. Some sites may also offer a 12 week upfront payment option – check with your local swim school to confirm payment options.

Can I suspend or receive a credit for swimming lessons if I can’t make it?2016-10-18T02:22:35+11:00

Unfortunately we cannot transfer or suspend paid lessons to other terms as bookings are based on a reservation system in classes.

What is your make-up lesson policy?2020-10-16T01:08:36+11:00

We offer one make-up lesson per calendar month, so if your child is ill, or you have an unexpected conflicting appointment, we can ensure your child continues their learn to swim adventure. Make up lessons are available solely dependent on class availability at your centre.


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