Jump into the future

with Australia’s #1 swim school provider

Jump into the future

with Australia’s #1 swim school provider

There has never been a better time to become a JUMP! Franchise owner

By owning a JUMP! Swim Schools franchise, you become the proud owner of a local business, deeply embedded in your community, with a strong focus on providing children with an exceptional learning environment for swimming. JUMP! Swim Schools’ proven track record and successful approach ensure that you’re offering the ideal way for children to learn to swim – in a small, intimate, and private setting where every child feels secure and at home. This franchise opportunity allows you the flexibility to balance your personal life and entrepreneurial aspirations, all while enjoying the profitability of a thriving business that fosters a genuine sense of community. It’s a chance to make a positive impact on young lives and your own entrepreneurial journey simultaneously. Read More

Bring Your Passion To A Swimming School Franchise In Australia!

For many, the meaning of success is being able to combine a passion, public service and enough flexibility to accommodate your personal life. Here at Jump! Swim Schools, we believe, have the perfect balance of all three. Not only is running your own franchise a brilliant way of building up your own business, but our schools provide a vital opportunity for kids to learn about water safety and enjoyment!

As a premier network of Australia’s swimming school franchises, we’ve helped thousands of kids to learn how to swim. We support our award-winning franchise holders with their training and development and offer a simple but effective business plan to help you create a nurturing and rewarding swim school in your area. If you love swimming and want to offer an essential service to your community, then please read on!

The Ultimate Family Friendly Franchise Opportunity

Our idea of the perfect kids friendly franchise holder starts with someone who is both personable and passionate about fitness. You’ll love working with kids and take immense enjoyment in seeing them succeed. You’ll know the importance of health and safety and embrace fitness in your own personal life.

You’ll have a strong sense of fun and enjoyment without forgetting your responsibilities to provide a safe and comfortable working environment. You’ll be ready to expect the unexpected and have the confidence and knowledge to support all your learners achieve their goals safely. Above all, you’ll be keen to cultivate a healthy attitude to water safety with your learners, and you’ll draw from a huge wealth of experience and support from the best swim school franchise network in Australia.

How We Support Your Swim School Franchise

As a franchise owner, you’ll get all the benefits of working on your own terms, but with the added support and business foundation that only a leading swimming franchise can provide. These include:

  • Personal independence – You can work on your own terms at your own pace and bring in a secure income that suits your purposes.
  • Time off whenever you need it.
  • A tried and tested business model that will maximise your profits.
  • A lifestyle that supports your personal requirements as well as those of the business.
  • Whether you’ve run a business before or if this is your first time, we’ll always be on hand to help you get going. We’ll give you the resources you need to recruit and train your own team, including training by AUSTSWIM, the national industry standard for swimming and water safety.
  • Once you’ve got your business up and running, you’ll use a business plan that has been proven time and again to yield great results from your learners. A typical Jump! swim school franchise in Australia will feature:
  • Boutique, bespoke facilities to help focus learning
  • Small classes of only 4-6 students
  • We operate indoor swimming pool franchises to make it more private and intimate

The Best of the Learn to Swim Schools for Sale

For most of us nowadays, financial success is the dream. For the savvy entrepreneurs who make it to the top, what comes after isn’t all relaxation and lounging forever. After that, plenty of people move from thinking about enterprise to thinking about community. You might wonder how you can invest your earnings in a healthy and positive way for yourself and your community.

If you’re looking to invest both wisely and meaningfully, purchasing a children’s activity franchise is the perfect intersection. And in a country where almost all of us live near the water, what better franchise than a kids’ swim school? By choosing to own a JUMP! Swim Schools boutique facility, you’ll be making back what you invested many times over while also running a centre that nurtures and encourages children’s safety when playing in and around water.

And if you’re worried about the practical and logistical side of matters, we’ve got you covered! We at JUMP! Swim Schools are an established and trusted brand across the nation with the resources to help you get started with your own facility as well as help you manage the day to day as much as desired.

Big & Small, the Best of Both

So, what are the benefits of owning a boutique franchise?

  • You have all the resources and reach of a national franchise while also having the compact, well-tracked daily operations of a boutique facility.
  • You can cater to hundreds of eager young students while also limiting class sizes to as little as 3-6 kids to retain a much more individualised and personal approach to their education.
  • Thanks to having the weight of a well-established name, your advertising and recruiting will be much easier, and you’ll have the support of the franchise in all of it; on the other hand, thanks to the carefully controlled class sizes in our boutique facilities, none of your big-name advertising will discourage parents who are looking to give their child plenty of individual attention.
  • You have all the prestige and previous success of the business you’ve just acquired, and you can direct that into serving your specific customer base. If you acquire regulars, you’ll be able to adjust things to fit how your specific facility best succeeds.
  • You’ll be able to rely on a tried and tested business model that’s served dozens of similar locations while also having a bit of freedom to try new approaches on a small, controlled scale. You’ll have a great safety net while you refine your business savvy if that’s your interest!

Swim Schools for Sale

Have you ever thought about owning a swim school? Perhaps you’ve even thought it would be easier to buy a school than get your kids into a class that suits your schedule.

Swimming schools are more popular than ever! It’s an amazing opportunity for parents to bond with their very young children, and as an extra-curricular activity for older children. There’s so much promise for a swim school in your area.

JUMP! Swim Schools specialise in the boutique experience. We favour smaller, well-designed spaces that encourage children and adults to learn how to swim in a positive and encouraging environment. If you’re looking for swim schools for sale, consider joining the JUMP! Swims School Franchise. We have a reputation for providing a quality service, as well as amazing testimonials from very happy customers. With in-depth training and ongoing development, we can help you bring something exciting to your location!

The Advantages of Opening Your Own Swim School

You’ll be a business owner, with the added advantage of having support from an established brand and a network to lean on. We will also help by providing you with a business plan that has worked many times in other locations. You won’t be left on your own to ‘figure it out’. Just like our classes, there’ll always be someone to lend a hand and help you gain full confidence and mastery of these skills.

Your team will be yours to choose, but we can help you provide industry-recognised water safety training. You’ll get to choose your own schedule – which will be helpful for parents juggling childcare and work responsibilities.

If you’re looking for swim schools for sale near you, and are interested in learning more about JUMP! Swim Schools, please get in touch through our ‘Enquiry’ or ‘Contact Us’ options. We’ll reach out to you as soon as possible.

Financial freedom doesn’t have to be a pipe dream, all it takes is a little confidence – and a first step. Get in touch with us today!

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If you want to get an idea of what it’s like for a franchise owner, take a look at the testimonials on our

swim school franchise opportunities pages. You’ll see just how rewarding it can be. Then when you are ready, or you just want to learn a bit more about our opportunities, fill in our enquiry form, and we’ll start working on your options for a swim school franchise!

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JUMP! Swim Schools offers a business model that is financially viable, simple and secure

  • Ideal work-life balance. Work as much or as little as you want with a secure income.

  • Make your own hours. Take time off without worrying about income.

  • Highly profitable business model. Many new franchises open with enough numbers to break even.
  • Family friendly lifestyle. With our business model you have the time to pick your kids up from school!
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- JUMP! Swim Schools
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Over 50 swim schools in Australia and New Zealand.

Meet our franchisees

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“My favourite part of owning a JUMP! Swim school is most definitely the community! We have a great internal community with plenty of support from our franchisor.” – Holly, JUMP! Fyshwick Franchisee

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“Having 3 children ourselves, we know how important it is to teach your kids to swim and be part of an industry that will help kids survive in the water. JUMP! is pretty special. Being a small swim school, it feels less intimidating for parents as well as kids and we were drawn to that immediately.” – Joanne, JUMP! Clarkson franchisee

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“We are excited that children in New Zealand will reap the benefits of this tailored, highly-personalised program delivered in our fun and safe state-of-the-art swimming facility. It is the perfect environment for boosting the confidence in young swimmers.” – Debbie, JUMP! Albany franchisee

About the Belgravia Group

When you join the JUMP! franchise network, you’ll be a part of Belgravia Group: a private group of health, leisure, tourism, property, finance and technology companies with more than 200 locations and 7,000 employees Australia-wide. We have over 20 years’ experience in franchising and creating active, healthy communities.

Our franchise portfolio includes Genesis Health + Fitness, Coaching Zone Group Personal Training, Ninja Parc Indoor Obstacle Course and BK’s Gym and Swim. Belgravia Group supports more than 100 franchise locations across the country.

We’re here to help you along your franchising journey, ensuring systems are in operation and functioning to full capability so you and your members can benefit from your hard work.

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