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Adult swimming lessons in Melbourne

Our adult swimming program in Melbourne is suitable for beginners through to those wanting to refine their stroke technique. Our program is perfect for anyone who did not learn to swim as a child and needs to master swim-safety skills. We’ll help you achieve water confidence, so you can enjoy time spent around water with family and friends.

There are three levels in our adult swimming program – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

Available in small group classes or private lessons. 

Adults Can Learn to Swim in Melbourne Without Judgement or Embarrassment

We pride ourselves on being the best choice for students of all ages at JUMP! Swim Schools. We’ve taught swimmers ranging from 1 year old to 65 years old and beyond, and we’re sure we have a class that’s right for everyone. If we’re teaching kids, we make sure the environment is fun, exciting, and safe. That’s what it means to turn learning to swim into a fun little adventure that infants and toddlers can even enjoy with a parent.

Meanwhile, for adult swimming lessons, we make sure to keep things judgemental, patient, and considerate of health concerns. It’s not just folks in their 20s and 30s who come to us for lessons! We’ve taught students who are in their 40s, 50s, and 60s too. Our instructors are experts at both the craft and guiding others through it; they can make sure you learn everything you need to know while accounting for your individual physical needs. You don’t have to be in peak physical condition to learn with us; we’re here to help.

It’s also not required for adult students to progress through each lesson in the program! We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons. You might already have some swimming experience, which might mean that you don’t really need the beginner lessons. In that case, you’re able to jump straight to the intermediate stage, no problems. That’s why we’re the best option for adults’ swim lessons in Melbourne: We’re convenient and comfortable for adults of all swimming backgrounds, including none at all.

There’s a reason JUMP! Swim Schools are all over the country now; we simply offer the best learning experience.

Learn All the Important Bits in These Swimming Lessons for Adults in Melbourne

We don’t want to leave our students with any gaps in their swimming knowledge. If you finish our swimming classes in Melbourne and still need to look up safety measures afterwards, we haven’t done our jobs properly. Instead, we make sure you learn everything you need to know to swim safely and skilfully.

Throughout our different classes, you’ll learn and refine all the strokes. Your instructor will help you develop good habits in the strokes; that includes moving with minimal drag and learning good breathing control. In other words, you’ll be burning less energy and breathing more comfortably and casually. On top of that, you’ll learn buoyancy techniques, which means you’ll learn to float without much effort. That’s part of the safety measures that you’ll learn with us; after all, if you’re unable to swim for some reason, knowing how to float can literally save your life.

Lastly, you’ll learn good breath control. In other words, your instructor will show you how to take breaths between strokes efficiently and comfortably. You’ll also learn how to take deep breaths before diving or submerging yourself.

Join Us Today for Adult Swimming Classes Across Melbourne

You’ll be one of thousands of adults who have faced their fears and come away happier for it with our adult swimming lessons in Melbourne. If you’d like to see our facilities first or if you have any enquiries, we’re here to help. If you’d like to sign up now, we’re happy to have you. In either case, simply fill out the form under “Contact Us.” Read Less

What do we teach in our adult lessons in Melbourne?

  • Safe entry into the water.
  • Floating techniques.
  • Breath control.
  • Independent movement through water.
  • Stroke techniques.
  • Treading water and basic rescues.

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