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Adult swimming lessons in Gold Coast

Our adult swimming program in Gold Coast is suitable for beginners through to those wanting to refine their stroke technique. Our program is perfect for anyone who did not learn to swim as a child and needs to master swim-safety skills. We’ll help you achieve water confidence, so you can enjoy time spent around water with family and friends.

There are three levels in our adult swimming program – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Read More

Available in small group classes or private lessons.

Adult Swimming Lessons on the Gold Coast

Whoever said old dogs cannot learn new tricks was wrong – or at the very least it doesn’t extend to people too. It’s never too late to learn how to swim, even though it might feel scary or embarrassing to want to take swimming lessons. People of all ages and skill levels can benefit from swimming lessons to feel safer and more confident in the water. In fact, it’s easier for adults to learn than children, because we can grasp the concepts easier and follow the instructions better, plus we have better coordination and body awareness. Whether you want to learn this vital skill for the first time or you feel like your stroke technique could do with some improvement, JUMP! Swim Schools offers a class that will suit you. With beginner, intermediate and advanced classes and high-quality teaching, we’re the obvious choice when you’re looking for swimming lessons for adults in the Gold Coast area.

Why Adults Should Take Swimming Lessons on the Gold Coast

You might think that swimming lessons are just for children, or that it doesn’t matter that much that you can’t swim as an adult, or that you’re less confident in the water than you could be. But there are actually many reasons why it’s an excellent idea for all adults to take at least a few swimming lessons, whether they know how to swim or not.

  • Safety is the number one reason to learn how to swim. It keeps you safe if you end up in a body of water, and it allows you to save others if you ever witness someone in distress in the water. Even if you know how to swim, you need to be a strong and confident swimmer with water safety skills in order to be safe in these situations, which is something swimming lessons will teach you.
  • Knowing how to swim also opens up a world of fun. You can enjoy the swimming pool or beach with ease and even take part in water sports like surfing or water polo, or water-based activities like jet skiing, fishing, sailing and canoeing.
  • Swimming is a great way to stay fit and active in a way that’s fun and easy on the joints, and taking swimming lessons allows you to stay consistently active.

These are all valid reasons adults learn to swim. Gold Coast residents have the benefit from taking classes with JUMP! Swim Schools and learn from the very best.

Learn to Swim with Our Swimming Classes for Adults on the Gold Coast

If you’re looking for adults swim lessons on the Gold Coast, you’ve found the right place. With JUMP! Swim Schools you can choose to take private lessons or learn in a small intimate group of people with your same experience level. We have classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers to accommodate everyone. With experienced and friendly instructors and purpose-built facilities, we have a track record of students progressing faster than usual with our swimming lessons. You’ll learn different stroke techniques, floating techniques, breath control and basic rescues while having fun and getting to know your classmates. Our unique lesson program combines fitness, safety and technique to ensure they suit everyone.

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What do we teach in our adult lessons?

  • Safe entry into the water.
  • Floating techniques.
  • Breath control.
  • Independent movement through water.
  • Stroke techniques.
  • Treading water and basic rescues.

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