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Adult swimming lessons in Brisbane

Our adult swimming program in Brisbane is suitable for beginners through to those wanting to refine their stroke technique. Our program is perfect for anyone who did not learn to swim as a child and needs to master swim-safety skills. We’ll help you achieve water confidence, so you can enjoy time spent around water with family and friends.

There are three levels in our adult swimming program – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Read More

Available in small group classes or private lessons.

Adults’ Swim Lessons in Brisbane are Affordable, Non-judgemental, & Flexible

If you’re looking for adult swimming lessons in Brisbane, there’s no better option than JUMP! Swim Schools. You can come to us with any level of swimming knowledge. You might only need to refine your strokes a little, or you might know nothing at all about how to swim. In either case, one of our different adult classes will be right for you. We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimming classes for adults in Brisbane, each of which covers everything you need to know about technique and safety. You don’t need to progress through all of these classes; you can come to us with advanced level knowledge and jump right in!

Most importantly, you’ll feel comfortable and respected while taking swimming lessons for adults in Brisbane with us. We see thousands of adults each year who don’t know how to swim; it’s not nearly as rare as you might fear! Many people either don’t have the chance or don’t really need to learn to swim in their childhood; still, many feel too embarrassed to do it as adults.

You might feel the same way. You might think it’s embarrassing to learn something that most kids know how to do. We assure you that it’s nothing embarrassing or even uncommon. You’ll be in similar company and with instructors who care about helping people of any age. You can be 3, 33, or 63; you’ll find a class that suits your needs and individual goals at JUMP! Swim Schools. We offer lessons for all ages, from baby swimming lessons in Brisbane to adults.

Get the Basics & the Nuances! That’s Why Adults Learn to Swim in Brisbane with Us

At JUMP! Swim Schools, our instructors are professionals, and our lesson plans are comprehensive. Depending on your skill level, we’ll start you out with either the basics or the nuances. In our beginner swimming classes for adults in Brisbane, you’ll learn how to enter the water safely. That includes stepping into the water, lowering yourself in from any edge, and diving into the water. You’ll also learn all the basic strokes, such as freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Your instructor will help you pick up the basics first; after a bit of practice, they’ll help you work on your technique and get it down perfectly.

But when you’re paying for lessons, you want to learn right! We won’t just leave you with the basics; after that, we’ll give you all the little details that make the difference. While you’ll learn the basic strokes, you’ll also learn how to best float in water. That’s called buoyancy, which is both for comfort and for safety. When you know how to float in water with the least effort, you save energy and know what to do if you find yourself unable to swim.

We’ll also show you how to expend less energy by minimising drag. That means you’ll learn how to move in a way that reduces water resistance, which means you have to make less of an effort while swimming. That’s not just for good technique; burning too much energy in the water can lead to exhaustion, which can be dangerous.

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It’s never too late! You can join one of our adult classes by going to “Contact Us” in the navigation bar. You can also use the form there to make enquiries. Read Less

What do we teach in our adult lessons?

  • Safe entry into the water.
  • Floating techniques.
  • Breath control.
  • Independent movement through water.
  • Stroke techniques.
  • Treading water and basic rescues.

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