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Start your baby’s lifelong adventure through water from 3 months at JUMP! Swim Schools. Our Ducklings baby swimming lessons gives your baby a swimming kickstart.  They are designed to equip you with the skills and confidence to develop your baby’s physical, social and emotional development in the water. You can expect your baby to be confident and happy submerging and holding their breath on command. Read More

What are Ducklings?

  • Aged 3-9 months old
  • Swimming babies bonding with Mum or Dad in the water each lesson
  • Group class of 4 to 6 with no prior skills required
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Do you want to Gett Your Newborn Baby Swimming?

You’ve found the perfect boutique facility foryoung babies. At JUMP! swim schools, we’re experts at making baby swimming lessons fun and engaging for babies and parents. You’ll have a chance to participate in almost every song, game, and exercise your little one experiences; not only will that be precious bonding time for you and your child, but you’ll also be right there to see every milestone your little one passes. There won’t be any special moments missed when you’re an active part of them.

Our lesson sizes aer always kept deliberately small and we only teach a maximum of two lessons at once. That means that there’s plenty of room for parents to be present as well as for instructors to focus on each individual child’s needs In keeping things small, we keep things personalised and friendly.

There are no finer classes that allow for a parent and baby swimming together.

Happy, Healthy Ducklings

Our Duckling newborn baby swim lessons can start with babies as young as 3 months of age. A lot of what we work on involves building upon the instincts most babies already have. Most infants try to keep afloat when in water, which serves as an excellent foundation for helping them get used to being in water and not think of it as a dangerous or stressful situation.

For example, we very gently get your baby used to having water on their face and body. We also help our Ducklings float with help from you or instructors. If your Duckling goes on to take further lessons with us, they’ll be ready to learn how to float without any help at all, and even to begin propelling themselves in the water, as they progress through our swimming levels.

Easy Transitions

While many of our lessons are great for kids with no prior experience, they are also designed to advance independent swimmers. We do this so you can rely on a single facility to handle every stage of your childs water safety education.

Reach Out for Concerns or Prices of Newborn Baby Swimming Classes at Jump!

You’ll find plenty of answers on our FAQs page, If you’d like to get in touch with us for more info about swimming lessons for newbord babies, just click on “Make Enquiry” or “Contact Us,” and we’ll get back to you right away! Read Less

What happens in a Duckling baby swimming lesson?

  • Lots of fun songs to make learn to swim fun for you and your baby
  • Building confidence, accepting and feeling comfortable in the water is what Ducklings baby swimming lessons are all about
  • Gentle water familiarisation and a great bonding experience
  • Learning breath control techniques and preparing to submerge your swimming baby when you are both ready
  • Building on your baby’s strong buoyancy skills to independent floating with your help
  • As your baby grows and begins to become more mobile, we teach kicking and paddling skills too!
What you and your baby learn at JUMP! can be transferred to the bath and pool too! Our aim for the Ducklings swimming level is for your baby to move into the Ducks class when they turn 9 months old, our advanced baby swimming program. By this time, we will have your baby comfortably submerging to a teacher and kicking and reaching.

What do we focus on in the Ducklings class?

Breath Control
  • I can accept water
  • I can hold my breath for up to or equal to 5 seconds
  • I can float on my back with support
  • I am comfortable with water on my face
  • I have very basic mobility skills

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