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JUMP! Swim Schools in Adelaide

We are a boutique Adelaide learn to swim facility for babies aged from 3 months through to stroke development.

Give your child a swimming kickstart with lessons at JUMP! in Adelaide

JUMP! Adelaide is the way learn to swim should be for your child — small intimate classes free of distractions, expert qualified swimming teachers, and a heated purpose-built indoor pool. Every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.

JUMP! Adelaide has a real community feel where we can discuss your child’s progress every swimming lesson and greet every child by name. You will find JUMP! Adelaide has many boutique facilities with plenty of privacy, away from the rush of the bigger council facilities.

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Swimming Babies Program - JUMP! Swim Schools

Swimming Babies Program

Our swimming babies Parent and Child program is for children from 3 months to 3 years old bonding with Mum or Dad in the water. Levels are age- and ability-based.

Independent Swimmers Program - JUMP! Swim Schools

Independent Swimmers Program

This is our first Teacher and Child level for beginners. It offers a swimming introduction and development program for children.

Stroke Development Program - JUMP! Swim Schools

Stroke Development Program

Our advanced Teacher and Child levels address stroke correction and development, learning and perfecting the four strokes prior to squad level.

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    Swimming Lessons in Adelaide

    Learning to swim is an important life skill that will keep you safe near bodies of water and opens up a world of new water-based activities. It’s never too late to learn either. At JUMP! Swim Schools, we have classes for children starting from three months old to adults. Whether you’re a parent wanting to keep your child safe in water or you’re an adult who wants to improve their swimming capability, you’re welcome at our classes. We have locations all over Australia, which includes Adelaide, and we’re known for small groups and our boutique style swim facilities. It couldn’t be easier and more comfortable to learn how to swim than it is with JUMP! Swim Schools. If you’re looking for swimming classes in Adelaide, book in with us.

    Swim Classes Across Adelaide for All Ages

    People learn to swim at different ages and we all come to our first swim class with different backgrounds, whether we’ve never tried to swim before or we learned years ago. That’s why we have a range of different class options to accommodate all ages and skill levels, for both children and adults. Here’s a quick guide to our swimming classes in Adelaide.

    • Baby swimming lessons in Adelaide: Did you know that children can take swimming classes as early as three months old? They can! Our Swimming Babies classes are for children from three months old up to three years, teaching the basics of swimming. They’re divided into four different groups based on age so that all children can find a class that fits them; duckling, duck, goldfish and tadpole
    • Independent swimmers: These are classes that suit older children or those who’ve already taken some classes and have a good basis to work on. This category has classes divided based on age and previous ability, including Turtle for 2-3 year-olds, Crab for those over 3, and Octopus for children who can doggy paddle.
    • Stroke development: Children who are already confident and capable swimmers take our stroke development classes to develop their stroke techniques better, which includes classes based on previous ability.
    • Adult swimming classes in Adelaide: Adults are also welcome at JUMP! Swim Schools. These classes are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced so that you can learn with others at your level and with a curriculum that suits your abilities.

    Choose JUMP! Swim Schools in Adelaide

    If you want your child to learn to swim, or you yourself want to take swimming lessons in Adelaide, JUMP! Swim Schools is here for you. Aside from our excellent selection of classes, there are many other reasons why we’re one of the best swim schools in Adelaide.

    • All classes are small, with about 4-5 students per class and at most three classes running simultaneously, which means each student gets the attention they deserve and the instructors always know every child by name
    • Our facilities are very different to other swim schools, with calm and quiet, boutique-style indoor swimming pools that minimise distractions and maximise learning
    • The facilities are also always extremely clean and hygienic
    • As a provider of services for children, we’ve made our facilities as child-friendly as possible, including colourful murals and nappy change stations
    • Our unique curriculum is designed to help learners progress as quickly as possible, which means they learn to swim faster than with other swim schools
    • Classes run 50 weeks a year for consistency, including during school holidays

    When you need swimming classes in Adelaide, choose JUMP! Swim Schools. Use our website to locate your nearest location and enrol in the classes.