What Are The Swimming Benefits For Kids

Learning to swim is an amazing time for you and your child. Not only is it an opportunity for bonding it also brings a sense of achievement and offers countless opportunities for fulfilment and self-development.

There are many swimming benefits for kids. Physical exercise helps them develop muscles, increase lung capacity and strengthen visual coordination. Children can also benefit mentally from learning to swim at a young age. It brings confidence, and self-esteem – it also prevents an unhealthy fear of water causing issues later in life.

Some parents say one of the most beneficial swimming benefits for kids, however, is learning water safety and developing a healthy attitude towards water. Young swimmers are more likely to know what to do in an emergency around water. Learning to swim before fear of water arises makes the learning process much easier, and soon it becomes second nature.

When children learn in a small class with other children, they’re more likely to have fun – and more likely to participate. Additionally, these small groups lead to friendships, and a chance to develop those blossoming social skills.

Having Fun While Learning To Swim With JUMP! Swim Schools

Children, just like adults, can feel tense and overwhelmed in a new situation. Learning to swim with just an adult may not be as effective as in a small group setting. Kids may pick up on negative emotions and fears from their adults, but when they see other children engaging and participating – they often get stuck right in and give it their all.

JUMP! Swim Schools make the training areas as comfortable and fun for kids as possible. The water is at a perfect temperature and classes are geared towards interactivity. We use our Prepare, Instruct, Praise model, to ensure all children are given the tools to accomplish their swimming goals – and given positive feedback to encourage their enthusiasm.

With JUMP! Swim Schools, swimming benefits for kids extend beyond the basics. We include songs and games to develop confidence in the water and associate the experience with positive emotions.

Are You Ready To Help Your Child Learn The Benefits Of Swimming?

JUMP! Swim Schools recognises that all children have different skill levels. So to make sure your child is in a skill-appropriate class, we’ve developed a whole program that features classes divided by age groups and previous experience in the water.

This ensures your child is placed with other learners at the same stage. We believe this helps with confidence and self-esteem just as much as practice and time in the water itself.

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Learning to swim is more than a daily exercise; it’s a skill for life.