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Adult swimming lessons in Canberra

Our adult swimming program in Canberra is suitable for beginners through to those wanting to refine their stroke technique. Our program is perfect for anyone who did not learn to swim as a child and needs to master swim-safety skills. We’ll help you achieve water confidence, so you can enjoy time spent around water with family and friends.

There are three levels in our adult swimming program – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Read More

Available in small group classes or private lessons.

Adult Swimming Lessons in Canberra for Learners of All Ages & Levels

You might feel like it’s too late to learn to swim as an adult in Canberra, but that’s never true with us! We’ve taught young and old alike. The only thing that matters is that you’re committed to learning and patient about your own progress. Depending on your age or individual conditions, you might progress more slowly than you’d like, but we’ll be with you every step of the way. Our instructors will make sure that you learn effectively regardless of any health concerns you might have. They’re professionals, so they can account for your individual needs and help you around them accordingly. In other words, our 65-year-old students will never be any less comfortable or capable than our 25-year-old students in the water. We make sure of that.

That’s the case at every potential level of your adults’ swim lessons in Canberra with us. We cover beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimming classes in Canberra in our program, and you can enter each one as appropriate. You don’t have to start from the beginning if you already have some knowledge. You might come to us with advanced-level knowledge already, and we’re not going to ignore that. We would be silly to not consider the different experiences our students have already had! That also means we cater to students with all sorts of motivations. You might be looking to learn all the safety measures you need to keep your loved ones safe in the water, or you might be looking to perfect your strokes and minimise drag. You’ll feel right at home in one of our swimming lessons for adults in Canberra either way.

Adults Can Learn to Swim in Canberra with Confidence & Comfort

In our comfortable and spacious facilities, you’ll learn everything you need to feel at home in the water. That includes diving into the water safely, learning how to breathe during strokes, learning how to float, and learning how to help yourself or others when in trouble. After all, swim lessons should always cover safety just as much as technique. We want to make sure you know how to look after yourself in the event that you’re ever in trouble.

For instance, you may have heard the word “buoyancy” before. If you haven’t, it’s all about floating. Learning buoyancy techniques means learning to float using the least amount of effort possible, which can be very useful if you suddenly become exhausted. Using less energy makes exhaustion much less likely in the first place, too. By learning to float effortlessly, you’re ensuring that you always have a safe option while in the water.

Similarly, your instructors will make sure your strokes involve as little drag as possible. Drag involves meeting resistance from the water, which can slow you down. To keep up, you have to exert yourself more to push water out of your way, which means you get tired much faster. By reducing drag as much as possible, you improve your speed and endurance in the water, and you feel much more comfortable while swimming, too.

These are just some of the lessons we offer in our classes at JUMP! Swim Schools.

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What do we teach in our adult lessons?

  • Safe entry into the water.
  • Floating techniques.
  • Breath control.
  • Independent movement through water.
  • Stroke techniques.
  • Treading water and basic rescues.

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