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Adult swimming lessons in Sydney

Our adult swimming program in Sydney is suitable for beginners through to those wanting to refine their stroke technique. Our program is perfect for anyone who did not learn to swim as a child and needs to master swim-safety skills. We’ll help you achieve water confidence, so you can enjoy time spent around water with family and friends.

There are three levels in our adult swimming program – beginner, intermediate and advanced. Read More

Available in small group classes or private lessons.

To Learn to Swim, Adults in Sydney Can Turn to Us

Have you just enrolled your child in one of JUMP! Swim Schools’ classes? If so, then that little one is in good hands. Our adult swimming classes in Sydney are safe, friendly, effective, and comprehensive. However, many of our clients who enrol their kids don’t know how to swim themselves. And we propose this: If your child is currently learning to swim, wouldn’t they benefit from their own parent setting an example? What better role model could they ask for in swim lessons than the one they already have? Why not learn to swim at the same time as your little one?

Now, we’re not suggesting you enrol in the same courses we offer toddlers! We offer beginner, intermediate, and advanced adult swimming lessons in Sydney too. These cover many of the same topics, such as breath work, strokes, safety measures, and buoyancy. Your instructors will be patient, friendly, and reliable; after all, they’re professionals who work regularly with small children. They have more patience than most of us.

Whether you’re 25 or 60, it’s never too late to learn to swim. Our adult classes account for any health concerns older students might have; plus, our instructors are seasoned enough to offer individualised guidance. That way, we make sure each new swimmer is learning comfortably and capably.

In Australia more than most other places, there are always fun events by the coast and on the water; make sure you’re not left out of the fun!

These Swimming Lessons for Adults in Sydney Guarantee Non-judgemental Guidance

Do you know what stops most adults from seeking out swimming lessons for years? It’s nothing to do with money, time, or motivation. Really, it’s embarrassment! Many adults are embarrassed because they assume most people learn to swim as children. It’s very hard to admit you never learned something if you think everyone else learned it much earlier in life. It’s even harder to then take lessons; it’s not easy to let others see what you don’t yet know how to do.

That’s why we at JUMP! Swim Schools in Sydney only hire instructors who offer adult students a non-judgemental and reassuring atmosphere. It doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or you’ve never swam in your life; our lessons are a comfortable learning environment for adults of all skill levels. You can sign up to learn novice techniques right from the start or simply to perfect your basic strokes or work on your buoyancy. We’re here to help, whatever your goals are, and we do it without judgement every time.

Join the Thousands of Other Adults Taking Adult Swimming Lessons in Sydney with Us

By signing up for swimming lessons for adults in Sydney with us at JUMP! Swim Schools, whether you can see just how many other adults have similar circumstances to yours! You can see how many other adults never learned to swim. And that sort of group environment really boosts the confidence of our most embarrassed students; they realize that they’re not alone and that there’s nothing embarrassing about learning to swim at any age.

To sign up, simply click on “Contact Us.” There, you can express interest in adult lessons, sign up for a tour of our facilities, or submit enquiries. Read Less

What do we teach in our adult lessons?

  • Safe entry into the water.
  • Floating techniques.
  • Breath control.
  • Independent movement through water.
  • Stroke techniques.
  • Treading water and basic rescues.

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