Project Description


Develop a basic freestyle stroke through learning big arms. We also teach buoyancy through floating and backstroke kicking in our Octopus swimming lessons.

What is an Octopus?

  • Confident independent swimmers
  • Small group class of 4
  • Strong mobility skills (paddling and kicking)
  • Can put their eyes in the water and blow bubbles
  • Can propel themselves unassisted through the water
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What happens in an Octopus swimming lesson?

  • Lots of activities and games to make learn to swim fun
  • Developing freestyle skills using “big arms”
  • Developing mobility and buoyancy skills through independent kicking, paddling and floating
  • Teaching self-propulsion through the water with eyes down
By the time a child is ready to graduate from the Octopus class, they will be an independent swimmer with a strong kick and arm movements that can propel them through the water.

  • I am a reasonably confident independent swimmer
  • I can keep my eyes down whilst blowing bubbles for a minimum of 5 seconds during moving through the water
  • I have a strong kick which can alone propel me through the water
  • I can competently produce freestyle arms through the water
  • I am capable of swimming basic freestyle for 7 metres independently
  • I can float on my back with little support comfortably for a minimum of 5 seconds
  • I can comfortably kick on my back with a kickboard


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