Franchises for Sale in Perth

If you want to become a franchise owner in Perth, consider JUMP! Swim Schools. Becoming the owner of one of our swim schools could be the best thing you’ll ever do for yourself and for your community. Here’s why.

Looking for Franchises for Sale in Perth? Start a Swim School!

Owning a franchise is the perfect combination of being your own boss while also benefiting from the support and brand recognition of a larger company. If that sounds like your dream, then check out JUMP! Swim Schools. Swimming is a vital life skill, with children all over Australia needing to learn it. Provide the vital service of adult and children swim lessons with the support of JUMP! Swim Schools by becoming one of our swim school franchise owners.

Why Own a Swim School Franchise in Perth?

Being able to swim is a crucial life skill that can save lives. Parents everywhere are acutely aware of the risks of drowning for young children, and they’re keen to avoid these accidents by helping their children become safe and confident in the water through swim lessons. Many adults never learned to swim properly and still aren’t safe in water, while others know how to swim and just want to improve their technique or increase their confidence. In short, the demand for swim schools is there, for both children and adults. Your Perth neighbourhood needs a swim school, so you’d be performing a public service by opening one. A swim school franchise is perfect for people who are passionate about fitness and water safety and who enjoy working with children, and with people in general. You can help people become safe swimmers while also being your own boss and managing your own business, offering great earning potential and the flexibility you need to fit life around work.

Why Choose JUMP! Franchises in Perth?

JUMP! Swim Schools is the perfect choice for anyone looking for franchises for sale in Perth. We’re an established and trusted brand and some of the best in the swim school field, which means name recognition alone will bring in plenty of business and gain you instant trust with potential customers, saving time and money on advertising. Our franchises in Perth are a tried and tested business model that maximises profit and allows you to make back your investment, with great earning potential. Our swim schools are known for small class sizes and bespoke, boutique indoor swimming facilities that students love. As a franchise owner, we’ll always be your safety net. We’ll guide you through the process whether you’ve owned a business before or not, and we support our franchisees in a range of different ways to help them succeed.

What You Can Expect from Our Franchises in Perth

The support that JUMP! franchise owners receive is unrivalled. We’ll provide you with all the resources you need to get started, including an indoor swimming pool facility and assistance with recruiting and training employees, including AUSTSWIM training. We support all our franchise owners with training and development. You will use the same business plan that’s proven successful many times over for our other franchise owners, but still have the freedom to try new approaches with us as your safety net. Most importantly, you’ll benefit from the prestige and recognition of the JUMP! Swim Schools name. You can expect success, a return on your investment and a reliable income.

Is owning a swim school right for you? Enquire today about our franchises for sale in Perth through our website to learn more and start the process.