Top Tips For Your Baby’s First Swimming Lesson

Babies can start to learn swimming from newborn, but our classes are offered from 3 months old (at JUMP! Swim Schools this is the ‘Duckling’ stage). But babies can learn to swim at any age, just as older children and adults can learn.

The first classes are going to be focused on settling into the new environment for baby and their adult. Taking time to feel relaxed is an important step in the process – when you’re relaxed, your baby will relax too.

Baby’s first swimming lesson will be a delight for all the senses. There will be a lot for them to see and lots of new sights, sounds and feelings. Allow your child as much time as they need to take it all in!

What Will You Need To Take For Baby’s First Swimming Lesson

If this is your first time taking a child swimming, you might be wondering what supplies you’ll need to make this a truly pleasant bonding experience for you both.

A swimming suit that provides coverage for extra skin, such as arms and legs, may help your child adjust better. Good training areas that specialise in baby swimming classes should have the water warmed to a comfortable temperature. JUMP! Swim Schools opt for 32 – 33 degrees – this is the perfect temp that keeps children happy, engaged and ready to learn.

You may also consider your choice of nappy – there are good reusable waterproofs available as well as disposable swimming nappies to choose from. Bring spares just in case. Of course, you’ll need clothing and towels after swimming.

Babies can breastfeed around an hour before swimming, but it’s best not to give a full bottle of milk/solid food just before. The exercise and excitement may lead to an upset stomach if they’ve eaten too much just before entering the water. Babies may be ravenous after swimming, however. So be sure to pack a meal for your child to keep prevent them from becoming stressed.

Baby’s first Swimming Lesson At JUMP! Swim Schools

We understand that children learn better in a fun environment. They engage and participate when the activity is enjoyable. That’s why our baby and toddler swimming lessons feature lots of songs and games. We aim to teach water confidence and safety by slowly introducing children to new concepts.

Our classes are small, allowing for individual teacher attention. We’ve divided our swim program into age groups and abilities because children learn at different rates and in different ways.

Each class in the program has key objectives: mastery of these ensures your child is ready for the next stage.

At your baby’s first swimming lesson, you don’t have to worry about these. However, it might be helpful to familiarise yourself with the learning outcomes. That way you’ll know which skills and achievements your child is working towards.

To find out more about JUMP! Swim Schools classes and the key milestones for each level, please visit our Learning To Swim Program and choose the class that suits your child’s age and abilities best.

To reserve a space in our infant & baby swimming classes, please select the enrol option and complete the form. We look forward to having you and your child join our classes for a wonderful journey together.