5 Advantages of a Franchise for Kids

If you’re looking for a franchise that offers stability and reliability long-term, a swim school franchise is one of the best options out there. You’ll always have a stream of new and returning customers. Plus, your target market is pretty straightforward: kids simply want to have fun, and their parents simply want them to have fun in a healthy, beneficial way and learn to be safe around water. And with lifestyles getting less and less active on average now thanks to technology, it’s become much easier to offer that healthy option to parents everywhere. Whether yours is a painting studio for kids or a trampoline park franchise, you’re helping kids stay physically and mentally active.

Community Health

A community is almost always heavily involved in whatever the kids are doing regularly. In other words, your swim school franchise will almost certainly be a local activity staple for anyone with kids or a child-related profession. Your swim school could be a beloved weekly hangout for the kids, and it might also be where the parents and teachers catch up on each other’s lives. That sort of social facilitating makes for safe business for you, and it keeps people friendly with and invested in one another. If you care about your community, a swim school franchise offers you a great sense of control over its social health.

Brand Loyalty

Parenting is stressful. No hard-working parent has ever thought otherwise. There are always tough decisions, rough patches, and plenty of confusion about how to parent correctly. Are they being too strict? Too lax? Too attached? Too distant? There’s no instruction manual, and parents simply do what they know works from experience.

That means that, if you own a swim school franchise and gain customers with more than one child, you’ll very likely be seeing all the children pass through your doors at some point. For parents, what worked for the eldest kid will work for the next one, and the next one after that, especially if it’s something simple and fun like swimming. You can expect to see parents regularly because they won’t want to change a winning formula.

Guiding the Future

We all think the world should be a certain way. We think certain things are more important than others, and if we had a say in things, we’d set priorities. With a kids’ franchise, you actually can!

The Power of Word of Mouth

Parents also love listening to each other. This is especially true when it involves activities outside of school. If your friend says she’s found an excellent violin teacher, you can be sure that violin teacher will be getting at least a couple of new students soon. If your franchise gets mentioned by parents as a great, fun and lifesaving activity for their kids, you’ll see those parents’ friends in the near future.