JUMP! celebrates the opening of its 50th site

We are increasing swimming participation and skill levels right across Australia, reaching a milestone recently of opening our 50th site.

Every child deserves the chance to learn how to swim. We are increasing participation and skill levels right across the country. We have nearly 18,000 little swimmers enjoying lessons in an innovative learning environment purpose-built for babies and children.

JUMP! Swim Schools is set to wrap up 2017 with a further 7 new sites, bringing the total to 57 by Christmas.

The company’s success was motivated by reputation, demand and the ability to teach babies as young as three months of age.

If growth continues at the same pace, we will have over 20,000 children learning how to at JUMP! Swim Schools by the end of 2017.

The more children we have learning the life skill of swimming, the more chance we will see drowning statistics decline.

Babies are clearly driving our growth with over 50 per cent of JUMP! students under two years and this is testament to our understanding of how capable babies are and our abilities to teach babies as young as three months of age.

JUMP! is committed to ensuring every child has the opportunity to learn swimming.

We are doing this by opening sites in rural areas and regional communities lacking a public swimming pool as well as high growth regions without adequate pool facilities.”

JUMP! Swim Schools’ 50th site opened in Cardiff, Newcastle on Saturday August 26.

JUMP! Swim Schools 2017 snapshot:

  • 10 new schools opened in 2017 so far, taking JUMP!’s total to 50 schools
  • 265 per cent increase in enrolments in 2016
  • 16,882 babies and children learning to swim
  • More than 50 per cent of students aged under two years
  • 75 per cent of new sites opened with enrolments high enough to open above break-even