Babies jump in so they can swim by age two

Babies as young as three months now make up a significant proportion of enrolments at JUMP!, with parents aiming to have their kids swimming confidently by age two and equipped with important skills that could save their life.

JUMP! Swim Schools caters to kids from three months of age and baby enrolments are at the highest they’ve ever been.

Enrolments in baby classes (under 12 months) currently account for over 20% of total enrolments as parents embark on a new goal, said the JUMP! Swim School CEO Mark Collins.

“’Swim by two’ is the new catch cry and the benefits are as clear as the smiles on babies’ faces,” said Mark

“It’s a critical goal, given the latest Royal Saving Australia Drowning Report (2021) showed a whopping 108% increase in drownings in the under four age group compared to 2019/20.

“If a child is introduced to swim lessons at around the age of three months and continues to attend regularly, independent swimming by the age of two to three is entirely achievable.

“Starting early sees children become very comfortable in the water and they’re able to progress very quickly.

“Of course, children still need to be actively supervised whenever they’re in the water. Building strength and stamina comes with age, but with core swim skills, a two – three-year-old child is more likely to be able to turn themselves over or get to edge in the event of a water accident – and that’s why this goal is so important.

“Many parents believe baby swimming lessons are unnecessary and just a singing session, however with the right program and environment, we’re driving progress in babies and infants and getting them learning vital water-safety skills as young as possible. This will save as many lives as possible.”

The key to quick progression is also ensuring that babies are placed in classes according to ability and not age, which has been the traditional indicator.

JUMP! has Goldfish and Turtle classes for advanced swimmers in the 1 – 2 and 2-3 age brackets, which is a point of difference other swim schools don’t provide. “Usually, kids in this age group have to do the regular beginner class regardless of the progress they’re making, which hinders their swimming development. A more advanced class for babies is essential to help them achieve amazing things in the water and allows them to power ahead.”

Enrolling your child in our swimming babies program will give them the skills they need to be water-safe, for life!

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