Ten best tricks to get the kids to winter swimming lessons

While swimming through winter is essential to keep up the swim skills and be ready for summer, the cooler weather can pose some challenges. But never fear – with a little ingenuity there’s a solution to every challenge!

Here, real parents from around Australia share their top tips for ensuring winter swimming lessons are as pain-free as possible:

  1. “A hot choccie and donut seals the deal, favourite day of the week by far all through winter.” – Jacqui Williams
  2. “Swim with a friend, that way they look forward to seeing their mate at the lesson.” – Robyn Stubbs
  3. “A warm bubble bath on return” – Alex Poznachowski
  4. “Dressing gowns over bathers and gumboots keeps them warm and is also fun to wear out!” – Timika Watts
  5. “Hot water bottle/heat pack in the bag to warm the clothes for afterwards.” – Chantelle Peak
  6. “A shower cap for babies with hair.” – Kirstyn Gardiner
  7. “Not changing out of PJs! We have an early lesson, so it’s up and quick breakfast and then in the car in PJs. I pack our swimmers and towels and change of clothes the night before.” – Jen Suess
  8. “We do two towels – one for straight out of the pool and then another to finish drying off when getting dressed.” – Vicki Freer
  9. “Use the hair dryer to keep them warm while changing.” – Henry Onyi Igwe
  10. “Use loose clothes and footwear for quick change over to avoid the struggle with sticky clothes on wet body.” – Sundus Masood

Swimming through the winter months is the most important thing you can do to prepare a child for the summer months of beach and pool visits and to ensure their skills remain at a level where they could save their own life if the unthinkable accident was to occur, even during winter said JUMP! Swim Schools CEO Mark Collins.

“Water accidents don’t always happen in summer. According to the most recent Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report, drownings in February were actually the same as the number in July! The report also shows that 19% of drowning deaths happen in winter.

“It only takes 2-3 weeks to start losing core swimming skills. If children take the winter months off, by the time they go on September school holidays, they’ve lost most of their skills which puts them at serious risk.

“A child who continues swimming through the 12 or so weeks of winter could actually advance 1-2 levels during this time. Summer swimmers are made in winter. So find a heated pool and keep at it.”

Enrolling your kids in our winter swimming program will ensure they’re ready for a fun, safe summer season!

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