Our swimming program

JUMP!’s swimming program is a huge leap forward in teaching babies the basic elements of swimming at a young age. It focuses on Conditioning, Buoyancy, Breath Control and Mobility and is supported by JUMP!’s Prepare, Instruct and Praise teaching philosophy.

Our teacher training delivery ensures every swimming teacher is equipped with the skills to ensure each and every child that swims at JUMP!’ not only experiences great progress, but really loves their learn to swim journey!

“Delivering the best possible learning environment for every child is JUMP’s reason for being,” says JUMP! founder and director, Ian Campbell.

“Thousands of babies and young Aussie kids are learning a vital survival and life skill across our network of schools. To add the best and most comprehensive teacher training available with Laurie Lawrence and World Wide Swim School Online only further increases our commitment to parents. We are excited by what this means for children across the country.”

Laurie Lawrence Ian Campbell - JUMP! Swim Schools

Ian Campbell, JUMP! CEO and Laurie Lawrence, World Wide Swim School

Leading teacher training means faster progress in the water for your child

Our swim teachers know every child by name and love talking to Mums and Dads about progress each class. Bringing out the best outcomes for your child through Preparing, Instructing and Praising is the backbone of our teaching philosophy, and it’s woven into every class we teach.

All JUMP! teachers complete 10 hours of custom designed online training from Australia’s leading swim coach, Laurie Lawrence. This training, in conjunction with a formal AUSTSWIM qualification, ensures our teachers are well-equipped to teach babies and infants in our boutique swim schools. Teachers also have access to a host of online professional development content to ensure they are always learning and expanding their skill set to ensure your little one receives the very best instruction. JUMP! ensures that teachers receive in-water training of our JUMP! lesson plans to ensure quality and consistency at every site. This is supplemented with online video modules and testing, delivered by our very own in-house experts!

This is the way learn to swim should be — helping every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.