JUMP! Swim Schools Nerang

Tell your kids to get their favourite bathers on because we’ve reopened our doors to you, our Nerang family!

Before your kids jump back in the pool we have a short yet very important video on new health and hygiene practices for you to watch.

Give your child a swimming kickstart with lessons at JUMP! Nerang

We are a boutique learn to swim facility for babies aged from 3 months through to stroke development.

JUMP! Nerang is the way learn to swim should be for your child — small intimate classes free of distractions, expert qualified swimming teachers, and a heated purpose-built indoor pool. Every child feels safe and at home as we join them on their swimming journey.

JUMP! Nerang has a real community feel where we can discuss your child’s progress every swimming lesson and greet every child by name.  You will find JUMP! Nerang is a personal facility with plenty of privacy, away from the rush of the bigger council facilities. JUMP! Nerang can be found at 19a/74 Beaudesert Nerang Road, Nerang in the Nerang Fair Shopping Centre next to Jetts Fitness.

Book online or send an enquiry below, and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date on all things JUMP! Nerang.


Find a class that suits you

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
07:00 am Walking Group
07:30 am Turtle
07:45 am Private
08:00 am Walking Group Goldfish
08:15 am Turtle Octopus
08:30 am Duck Crab Duck Private Duckling
08:45 am Duckling Untitled Crab
09:00 am Private Octopus Crab Duck Tadpole
09:15 am Duckling Private
09:30 am Untitled Turtle Tadpole Little Active world Kindy Private Crab
09:45 am Little Active world Kindy Duck Octopus
10:00 am Little Active world Kindy Goldfish Duck Little Active world Kindy Turtle Duck
10:15 am Little Active world Kindy Tadpole Untitled
10:30 am Little Active world Kindy Duckling Turtle Little Active world Kindy Duckling Crab
10:45 am Private Crab Turtle
11:00 am Untitled Crab Turtle Octopus Crab Frog
11:15 am Untitled Turtle Octopus Crab
11:30 am Octopus Private Tadpole Turtle Octopus
11:45 am Turtle Private Duck
12:00 pm Crab Duckling Private Duckling
12:15 pm Private
12:30 pm Private Tadpole
12:45 pm Stingray
01:00 pm Walking Group
02:30 pm Octopus
03:00 pm Crab Crab Goldfish
03:15 pm Goldfish Crab Octopus
03:30 pm Private Crab Crab
03:45 pm Crab Frog Octopus
04:00 pm Crab Octopus Frog
04:15 pm Octopus Crab Private
04:30 pm Frog Frog Crab
04:45 pm Private Octopus Private
05:00 pm Octopus Private Marlin
05:15 pm Private Crab
05:30 pm Private

Why JUMP! is the best choice for your child

  • Small classes without distractions means that our swimming teachers can cater to your child’s individual needs.
  • Our qualified learn to swim teachers are expert in teaching babies from three months of age.
  • Our indoor pool is heated to 32-33 degrees to ensure comfort for all ages.
  • We are on top of our game with cleanliness and hygiene — our pools are serviced every day.

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Swimming Babies Program

Our swimming babies Parent and Child program is for children from 3 months to 3 years old bonding with Mum or Dad in the water. Levels are age- and ability-based.

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Independent Swimmers Program

This is our first Teacher and Child level for beginners. It offers a swimming introduction and development program for children.

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Stroke Development Program

Our advanced Teacher and Child levels address stroke correction and development, learning and perfecting the four strokes prior to squad level.

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