With grandparents often caring for children during the holidays, it’s an important time to be reminded of swim safety and children’s swimming abilities, which may have changed over the last few years due to missed lessons through lockdowns,” said JUMP! Swim Schools CEO Mark Collins.

“If grandparents are thinking of taking children swimming or spending time by the water, it would be a good idea to check in with parents regarding children’s current swimming ability.

“Grandparents should also consider if an accident was to happen, are they comfortable and physically capable in that specific water environment – be that a beach, pool, river, etc – if they need to jump in to assist their grandchild. If there are any doubts, perhaps it’s worth changing the plan – have some water fun under the sprinklers instead.

“And remember water accidents can happen even when children aren’t in their bathers and actively swimming – and kids possibly won’t be as familiar with water around their grandparent’s house. Think about bodies of water around where you live, at your local park, and within your home. Where possible, eliminate dangers like buckets filled with water and be mindful of the other areas while children are riding bikes and playing games.”