What Age Should Kids Start Swimming Lessons?

Learning to swim is an essential life skill for all. Learning water safety and enjoying a form of recreation, education and fun are seamlessly combined in swimming lessons. Australia boasts an endless coastline, countless pools and unlimited potential for water activities. It is always a good decision to introduce your child to the water.

Here are our top tips to help you decide when to start swimming lessons in Australia.

When to Learn to Swim? Two is a Great Age

When it comes to swimming lessons, a good age to keep in mind is two. When a child is two years of age, they are stronger and have better cognitive development in order to listen, concentrate and be able to apply the skills that they are being taught. At this age, they will begin to learn how to swim independently, their confidence in the water will improve and they’ll retain key life-saving knowledge.

Throughout these sessions, parents can be present in the water and assist when your kids start swimming lessons. You can enjoy their success and provide the familiar encouragement and motivation that they need to succeed as they develop their independent swimming skills.

Develop Water Confidence from Three Months Old

Although your child won’t learn to swim independently from three months old, it is a great age to introduce them to the water. Learning key skills that align with key physical and cognitive milestones, being in the water is beneficial to their development. They can improve their balance and co-ordination in a safe space and practise independent movement before they are able to crawl or walk.

The water will feel familiar, reminding your child of the comfort of the womb and the skin to skin contact with you enables a deeper bond to develop. There are positive benefits to be had with introducing your child to the water before they reach an age where they will learn to swim independently.

Consistency is Key for Skill Development

Once your child has started swimming lessons, consistency is key. Regular lessons are the optimal way for their skills to develop. Practice at the beach or pool is incomparable. The consistency of their contact with water has more of an impact than the age they commence lessons, so keep this in mind when deciding when to start swimming lessons.

Swimming is a skill that your child will learn for life so committing to lessons is the most important part of their development.

Find a Swim School That You Can Trust

Following these guidelines will set your child up for a lifetime of water enjoyment. For a comprehensive swimming school that your child will love, you can trust JUMP! Swim Schools. Offering a range of introductory classes from three months and independent swimming lessons for beginners, you are sure to find something to suit your family. Get in touch today to learn more about our swimming lessons for babies.