JUMP! Swim Schools continue its parent-owner trend

Water scare and lack of local lessons prompt local mum and dad to open new swim school

JUMP! Swim Schools is continuing its trend of parent-owners adding another franchise site to the network at Doncaster East, owned by a local mother and father who saw a need and an opportunity.

Dee and Prashant Thakkar, parents to three children under 11, said they have tried to enroll their children in swim schools in and around their neighborhood but the options were limited and they were faced with waitlists.

They decided to take matters into their own hands and open JUMP! Swim School Doncaster East, which formally opens early 2023.

“We have had to travel more than a 30-minute round trip for swimming lessons previously, which is not really viable for any parent over the longer-term, so we saw a great opportunity,” said Dee. “Swimming lessons are an essential service that should be available locally.”

The family also had a scare with their children in a swimming pool, which propelled them to take action and ensure swimming lessons were accessible for their children and other local kids.

“We were holidaying in a resort overseas that offered a fully supervised kids club. One of the activities that day involved going into the pool and my kids were not strong swimmers at the time. The staff were not vigilant and my kids ended up in the deeper end of the pool and started really struggling. Luckily, I happened to be coming around to check on them at that moment and when I saw them I n trouble, I jumped straight into the pool to help them.

“It reminded my husband and I how important it is that children having basic water safety skills that could save their life if the unthinkable happens.”

The CEO of JUMP! Swim Schools Mark Collins said many frustrated parents were taking action, with another JUMP! Swim School site in Geelong was recently opened by two mothers who couldn’t get their children into swim classes.

“Parents still account for most of our new site enquiries at the moment. They are experiencing the need and gaps in their local communities firsthand, and they want to solve the problem and embrace the opportunity they know exists,” said Mark.

“Many of them explore different options for moving forward with a business and tell us the franchise model makes sense, because they can get the business up and running more quickly and are fully supported.”

For more information visit: https://jumpswimschools.com.au/franchise-opportunities/

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Enrolling your child in our swimming program will give them the skills they need to be water-safe, for life!

Get in touch with your local JUMP! Swim school today, to get started!

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