Why swimming lessons are vital for children during winter

Winter, it’s just the best time of year for kids to learn to swim!

Why should parents to keep up with swimming lessons for their children during the cooler months? Here’s our top five reasons why you should keep up your swimming lessons in winter:

  1. Kids forget, it’s as simple as that!

  2. JUMP! swimming pools are heated to 32-33 degrees, so you can swim all year around.

  3. Swimming is a confidence-based activity for children and a break in lessons means they forget, it impacts their confidence and greatly hinders their level of ability.

  4. Many children who stop lessons over winter can no longer swim to their previous ability once they return.

  5. Swimming lessons during winter allow children to develop water confidence in time for summer, the season when they were most likely to spend the most time in the water and enjoy family water-based activities.

JUMP! Swim Schools is renowned for its breakthrough, outcomes-based curriculum that teaches babies from three months of age to master the basic elements of swimming by 12 months of age.

With 24 JUMP! Swim Schools operating across the country and another 34 to open within six months, the experience of thousands of children demonstrated why it was vitally important to keep swimming lessons going through winter.

But cutting swimming lessons for winter meant children entered summer without important skills, capabilities or the confidence they might have had just months earlier.

JUMP!’s state-of-the-art swimming facilities ensured aquatic activity was no longer seasonal and the fun of swimming didn’t have to stop just because the weather outside had turned chilly.

JUMP! Swim Schools’ pools are indoors and the water is heated to 32-33 degrees so we have the ability to keep lessons going all year round.

Winter is the best time of the year to participate in swimming – it means children are confident in the water for summer and won’t have to miss out because they’ve lost confidence, their enthusiasm for fun in the water or need to get their swimming back up to scratch.