In a vibrant showcase of industry excellence, the 2023 Franchise Conference took centre stage in Melbourne, Australia. With over 130 franchisee delegates from across the country, the event proved to be a dynamic platform for learning, collaboration, and inspiration. Under the overarching theme of ‘Elevate,’ the conference aimed to empower franchise partners with the tools and insights needed to propel their businesses to unprecedented heights.

Melbourne played host to the gathering of like-minded franchisees from JUMP! Swim Schools. These industry experts, and business leaders, all converged to delve into the latest trends and strategies discussing goal setting, innovation and technology, and resources and support.

A highlight of the event was the captivating keynote address delivered by Dr. Adam Fraser. Renowned for his expertise in human performance and well-being, Dr. Fraser guided franchisees on a journey to discover their “third space.” By harnessing life’s little transitions, he elucidated on the importance of finding balance and happiness, ultimately unlocking the potential for personal and professional fulfillment.

The Vision: Elevating Franchise Businesses

Mark Collins (CEO, JUMP! Swim Schools) emphasised the central theme of the conference—’Elevate.’ They expressed the company’s unwavering commitment to lifting franchisees’ businesses to greater heights through a strategic blend of education, support, and innovation. ‘Elevate’ wasn’t just a theme; it represented a genuine dedication to the success and prosperity of every franchise partner.

Beyond the insightful sessions, the conference provided ample opportunities for networking and collaboration. Delegates exchanged ideas, forged new partnerships, and strengthened existing connections, creating a robust support network within the JUMP! Swim Schools community.

Franchise partners were celebrated at the annual conference, proudly unveiling the national winners of its prestigious franchisee awards.

JUMP! Swim Schools

· Franchisee of the Year – JUMP! Swim School St Marys (NSW) – Matthew and Laura Buckler

· Franchisee Newcomer of the Year – JUMP! Swim School Marsden Park (NSW) – Karen and Glen Wiblin

· Swim Teacher of the Year – Lee Mathie (JUMP! Swim School St Marys, NSW)

· JUMP! Values Award – Terry Crowley (JUMP! Swim School Nambour, QLD)

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With the theme of ‘Elevate’ echoing in the minds of attendees, the conference served as a testament to the company’s commitment to propelling its franchisees to new heights.

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