Emre & Fatih open their second swim school in Keilor Park

Fatih Binyazar and Emre Gul, owners of a second JUMP! Swim School located in Sunbury, said they are excited to be bringing the unique, results-driven JUMP! Swim Schools program to Keilor Park locals.

Fatih said,

“Teaching children water safety and learn to swim from a young age is an essential life skill that builds confidence, fosters fun family memories and saves lives.

“The JUMP! Swim Schools brand is known for delivering an innovative swimming curriculum that achieves optimal outcomes for babies and young children, and I’m thrilled to be offering this to the Keilor Park region.”

Emre said,

“We’re excited to become a part of the community and welcoming new families through our doors.

“We have hired a wonderful manager! Her name is Dilini and she has an extensive background in synchronised swimming as well as teaching young children.

“She brings a high degree of understanding of the industry, is great at growing relationships with parents and instructors, and she loves kids and having fun. She is a wonderful addition to JUMP! Swim Schools Keilor Park and we can’t wait until we open and see her in action!”

Fatih Spongebob - JUMP! Swim Schools
Fatih Emre and Sharyn - JUMP! Swim Schools