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Don’t know what level to book your little one into? Check out the table below to find out.

Age-based levels
Age: 3-9 months Duckling
Age: 10-24 months Duck
Age: 2-3 years Tadpole
Skill-based levels
Beginner (3+ years) Crab
Can doggy paddle 5-7 metres unassisted Octopus
Can do overarm freestyle Frog
Can do freestyle and backstroke Stingray
Stroke development (all 4 strokes) Marlin
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JUMP! Swim Schools Nerang

Shop 19A/74 Beaudesert-Nerang Rd Nerang QLD 4211

0466 274 270

$18.50 per lesson

Manager: Chantal Gordge

Opening Hours

Tue8:30 - 12:003:00 - 5:00
Wed8:30 - 12:003:00 - 6:00
Thu8:00 - 12:00
Fri8:30 - 12:003:00 - 5:00
Sat8:00 - 12:00
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Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
08:00 am Goldfish Goldfish
08:30 am Octopus Duckling Private Crab Duckling
09:00 am Turtle Octopus Crab Octopus Tadpole
09:30 am Duckling Tadpole Tadpole Turtle Crab
10:00 am Goldfish Duck Goldfish Tadpole Duck
10:30 am Duck Crab Private Duckling Crab
11:00 am Crab Turtle Duck Duck Frog
11:15 am Octopus
11:30 am Private Goldfish Octopus Turtle Octopus
12:00 pm Duck
12:30 pm Adult
01:00 pm Crab
03:00 pm Crab Frog Octopus
03:30 pm Octopus Crab Frog
04:00 pm Crab Octopus Stingray
04:30 pm Octopus Private Crab
04:45 pm Frog Frog
05:00 pm Crab Crab Frog
05:30 pm Private Private