Little swimmers go for gold – the final countdown begins

JUMP! Swim Schools has drafted the winning formula for Australia’s next generation of Commonwealth Games swim stars, starting them as young as three months of age.

Let the Games begin! With just 363 days remaining, it is a timely reminder to start your child’s lifelong adventure through water.

Children as young as three months old are now able to develop water confidence and learn the basics of Australia’s premier Commonwealth Games sport through the company’s national expansion of these custom facilities and tailored lessons.

Teaching over 17,000 little swimmers, JUMP! Swim Schools has gone for gold with a personalised service which delivers an outcomes-based curriculum, small intimate classes and innovative learning environment designed specifically for young children.

JUMP! is renowned for its breakthrough, outcomes-based curriculum that teaches babies from three months of age to master the basic elements of swimming by 12 months of age.

With 45 JUMP! Swim Schools operating across the country and another 50 set to open this year,   the experience of thousands of children demonstrates why it was vitally important to keep swimming lessons going through winter.

Winter is the best time of the year to participate in swimming — it means children are confident in the water for summer and won’t have to miss out because they’ve lost confidence, their enthusiasm for fun in the water or need to get their swimming back up to scratch.