Just Keep Swimming: The Importance of Maintaining Swimming Lessons During Winter 

Winter is here, and the days are shorter and colder. As parents, it’s tempting to take a break from our kid’s swimming lessons and let them hibernate until the sun comes back. But did you know that maintaining swimming lessons during winter is just as important as it is during summer? 

Swimming is not only a fun activity, but it’s also a life skill that could save your child’s life. It’s essential to keep our kids swimming all year round to maintain their confidence, fitness, and safety. Jump Swim Schools’ pools are heated to 32 degrees all year round, making winter swimming lessons possible and enjoyable. 

Here are three reasons why it is essential to continue swimming lessons through winter  

  1. Swimming Lessons Safe Lives all year round. Water accidents don’t always happen in summer, which is why swimming is an essential life skill that could save your child’s life. By maintaining swimming lessons all year round, kids will learn and practice essential water safety skills that will keep them safe in and around the water. 
  1. It only takes 2-3 weeks to start losing core swimming skills. JUMP! swim teacher Amanda Hicks says “if children take the winter months off, by the time they go on September school holidays, they’ve lost most of their skills which puts them at serious risk. “Swimming is not a skill that can be practised properly at home – a pool is required as is a qualified swim teacher. Just Keep swimming it’s that simple.” 
  1. It’s can be a free immune booster Swimming through winter can improve children’s immune systems by keeping them fit and active, which over time and continuous practice reduces their risk of catching colds, and helps build resilience to stress and illness. 

Enrolling your kids in our winter swimming program will ensure they’re water safe all year round.  

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