When the weather begins to cool down, many kids will take a break from swimming lessons over winter.

What parents don’t realise is that pulling kids out of swimming lessons can be a real mistake.

Continuing with swimming lessons during winter is one of the most important things you can do for your child.

One of the benefits of swimming at a JUMP! Swim School is that we are open all year round and not term based, which provides the flexibility for parents to start lessons when they want and to continue through the cooler months.

We’ve put together the top three reasons why kids should continue swimming lessons all year round.

1. Maintain swimming skills

When learning any new skill, including swimming, consistent practice is the key to getting better and progressing to the next level.

Particularly for children under the age of 4, a significant break in swimming classes can lead to a noticeable decrease in ability.

Children who pause their swimming lessons over winter often lose much of the progress they’ve made during summer, meaning they must re-learn skills they may have previously mastered.

Keeping up swimming lessons during winter is the best way to ensure that water skills are maintained and improved rather than lost.

2. Water safety

Kids want to be back in the water at the first sign of summer. However, if your young child hasn’t been regularly swimming in months, it’s likely that their water skills will have become quite rusty. There can also be an impact on their confidence as a long break will mean they are not as comfortable in the water.

Making sure your child continues their swimming classes over the colder months allows them to safely enjoy all the fun water activities come summertime. Swimming is a great family activity during the summer months and learning to swim is a skill that takes time and effort all year round.

We want to make sure your child is as safe as possible in the water, all year round. The best way to do this is by continuing swimming lessons to ensure no skills are lost, only gained.

3. Heated pools at JUMP! Swim Schools

One common reason parents decide to pull their children out of swimming school over winter is the concern that swimming in cold water will lead to more cases of cold and flu.

At JUMP!, our swimming pools are heated to a pleasant 32 degrees to ensure that our students are comfortable and confident to continue their lessons over winter.

Even better, children who participate in regular swimming have increased immunity against colds and flus, not to mention better physical fitness. Swimming is low impact exercise which has major benefits on our little ones’ hearts and lungs. It also has many other benefits including helping to build their coordination and balance.

To keep kids comfortable and healthy over winter, we recommend ensuring your kids are properly dried and changed before leaving the swim school. We also recommend they wear a beanie and socks to ensure their heads and toes are kept warm when leaving.

Continuing to swim in winter helps young children maintain their progress and keeps them safer around water come summertime. Not only that, but it may also provide health benefits including a stronger immune system.

Let us help your child learn to swim! Your local JUMP! Swim School provides swimming lessons for children aged 3 months and up.

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